Domos Viviendas


Kit 2 is the addition to the pieces, of the phenolic coating, for the assembly together with the structure of the triangles. The phenolic type C + C of 12mm or 18mm (depends on cover), are prefabricated to the perfect measure, with the clear positioning marks of each piece to go forming the structure.

The Phenolic gives your dome more structural strength, changing the visual and warmth in the interior, with a unique touch without equal, giving twice as much security in the self-construction when joining the prefabricated elements.

The pieces of structure are built in eucalyptus of 1`x 3` prefabricated with perfect angles, all sanded and well balanced with edges edged.

Our clients have our supervision service 3D program, consultation and internet tutorials so that you can build your own dream of self-construction successfully. We manufacture and deliver the pieces according to your order, ready for the assembly in Punta del Diablo.


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